–  Our Mission  –

Boldly taking action to create the ultimate client experience and deliver results worth celebrating.


–  Our Vision  –

To understand the evolving needs of consumers.

To provide innovative solutions.

To be the most forward-thinking real estate company, today and always.


–  Who We Are  –

On The Block is a boutique real estate brokerage that services the GTA and surrounding areas.  Our people are focused on quality, transparency and cutting edge service. We don’t just settle for the status quo, we push the boundaries to address the needs and wants of consumers every day.

We consistently provide up-to-date training to our people so that they can service their clients in a way that achieves the best possible results.  We always try to stay one step ahead so that we can provide the highest quality service and answer our clients questions before they are even asked.

Our focus is on people – listening to their needs, understanding their goals and implementing a strategy that makes the real estate process easy, memorable and results-driven.  Reach out to us today to learn more!