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Level Up Your Resilience (Podcast)

Posted on July 21st, 2020

Nobody gets it completely right all the time, and it’s when the going gets tough that some people throw in the towel, and others dig in and keep going.

Whether you’re starting your career and the fast track to success doesn’t seem so fast, or you just want to quit doing the hard stuff, it is resilience that separates the achievers from everyone else. In this episode we break down the importance of being resilient and share some of the key tips and approaches you need to take to stay on course despite the hardship.

It’s time to level up your resilience.

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Level Up Your Summer Break (Podcast)

Posted on June 20th, 2020

So March Break ended yesterday, and Summer Break begins today…whether you’ve got kids or not, you are three months deep into trying to manufacture a new routine and sanity for yourself and your business.

We banked on a few weeks, got a few months, and now we’ve got a couple more. How are we going to navigate more time with all the kids at home and the world only half open for business? Let’s talk about it, it’s time to level up the summer!

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Stuck At Home – And Getting Stuff Done (Podcast)

Posted on March 27th, 2020

The world is a different place for the last few weeks, and many of us are stuck at home.

Katie and Daniel (and their four kids) are making the most of it, and talking about how they are keeping their business, their kids’ school, and their sanity going strong during this difficult time.

In this episode, they are live and talking about building a home school program, keeping business going, and not killing each other.

How are you coping with the change?

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