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Level Up Your Goals (Podcast)

Posted on September 20th, 2020

It’s the eve of the long awaited “OTB100”, where we take participants through the last 100 days of the year with a structured approach to entering 2021 with your head focused, and your plan in place.

What better way to prepare for the program, then by discussing the fuel for all the planning – your goals. You’ve got to establish where you want to be in order to get there – so before you start jumping into your master plan, have a listen, get your own focus, and GO GET IT!

You can join the OTB100 and engage in weekly free sessions that will help get your business in gear with useful tools and tangible resources – all for free. Come join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/615686455761905

In the meantime – it’s time to level up your goals.

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Level Up Your Sales Output (Podcast)

Posted on September 12th, 2020

It all started when she wanted to buy a horse.  Sometimes the drive to your ‘why am I doing this?’ can lead to amazing things. For Sara Kalke, it has meant she has propelled to being the number two salesperson in one of the biggest cities in the country, averaging over 100 transactions each year for the last four years, and…oh yeah…now she has FIVE horses.

Learn from the best in this episode as we talk about Sara’s road to success, get some useful tips on building your own business to epic levels, and get to know this amazing woman even better.

It’s time to level up your sales output. Enjoy!

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Building A Team. As A Team (Podcast)

Posted on September 2nd, 2020

When you are working on a team in real estate, there is a lot to consider…when you are building the team yourself, there is even more to think about – what about when you already work AS a team before you build one?

Chuck and Melissa Charlton of ‘The Charlton Advantage Team’ have built a successful business that has grown largely because of their systems and consistent approach to growing the team right. They are also a married couple who have done it all from scratch alongside one another. We talk to them about working as a couple, and dive into all sorts of topics about efficiency, balance, and what makes it all come together the right way.

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Level Up Your Routine (Podcast)

Posted on August 21st, 2020

24 hours in the day – how are you using yours?

In this episode, we discuss our routines and how we plan to make our days as productive as possible. There is the stuff you have to do, the stuff you want to do, and the things you never planned on doing, but do anyway…focus on planning, prioritizing, and getting it done so you can look back at the end of the day and feel good about it.

As you better yourself, your routine evolves with you – and as your routine evolves, you better yourself.

It’s time to level up your routine.

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Level Up Your Value Proposition (Podcast)

Posted on August 14th, 2020

It is vital to establish what makes you different, what you bring to the table that will have clients choosing you over someone else. That’s value, and you need to have a firm grasp of how you position yourself in a very competitive landscape.

Enter seasoned realtor Ralph Ciancio, who we chatted with to tell stories, share perspective, and ultimately drill down the key things to consider when you work to build your own value proposition. This one is a can’t miss.

(note: audio was edited from full length video interview, certain sections may be a bit choppy)

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Cold Call Like A Ninja (Podcast)

Posted on August 7th, 2020

We’ve got a treat this episode.

This week, we’re joined by the ‘Prospecting Ninja’ Mike Samrah, who has made a spectator sport out of cold calling. We talk to him about his process, the systems he uses, and really ‘dial in’ to what makes it all work for him.

It’s time to get off the fence and dive into picking up the phone. It’s time to level up your prospecting.

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Real Estate Auctions (Podcast)

Posted on July 30th, 2020

It has become commonplace to see blind bidding wars in real estate when the market is hot (and sometimes when it isn’t). The concept of open real estate auctions is quite popular in countries around the world, but is only starting to show up in listings in Canada. As the owners of the brokerage that brought the concept to residential resale in Ontario, Daniel and Katie discuss how they built the auction approach, why it is a useful alternative for buyers and sellers, and how the whole process works.

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Level Up Your Resilience (Podcast)

Posted on July 21st, 2020

Nobody gets it completely right all the time, and it’s when the going gets tough that some people throw in the towel, and others dig in and keep going.

Whether you’re starting your career and the fast track to success doesn’t seem so fast, or you just want to quit doing the hard stuff, it is resilience that separates the achievers from everyone else. In this episode we break down the importance of being resilient and share some of the key tips and approaches you need to take to stay on course despite the hardship.

It’s time to level up your resilience.

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Creating Engagement In Social Media (Podcast)

Posted on July 15th, 2020

We’re all on social media, many of us spending WAY too much time scrolling and wasting time…but is ANY of the time you are spending leading towards your objectives? Was your intention to use social media as the beast of a tool it is to help your business? Or are you just drowning in a sea of likes and followers?

This episode talks about how you need to step your social media game up to use it productively and ENGAGE rather than strictly CONSUME. You can get lost in all the noise, and you yourself can be the noise, but the key is to cut through and focus on why you are there in the first place – to build relationships and to build your business.

It’s time to level up the way you use social media.

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Managing Client Expectations (Podcast)

Posted on July 9th, 2020

When you are dealing with the biggest transactions in your clients’ lives, you better be sure they have expectations. Your ability to understand your clients, and to communicate clear expectations, is vital to your relationships, and the overall experience.

In this episode, we discuss exactly how to manage expectations, and take clients and other stakeholders on a journey where surprises are limited, resulting in greater trust and the best possible experience (no matter what happens with the dollars and cents).

It’s time to level up your ability to manage expectations.

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