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13 of the best apps for GTA real estate agents

Posted on February 10th, 2020

How many apps do you have on your phone that you currently do not use? Take a look and you’d be surprised how many forgotten apps you’ve downloaded over the years.  We get it – as a Realtor, you are constantly bombarded with new and shiny apps to make your job easier but how many are actually useful?  We’ve collected our top 13 apps that we can’t live without.

Receipt Bank

Ditch the shoe box and start tracking your business receipts electronically with this handy app.  Receipt Bank will store and sort your receipts electronically with just a quick picture.  It integrates with major accounting software programs like Quickbooks and exports data to your own software program like Excel.  There is also a web app that you can use to review your expenses and work from your computer.

Cost: free trial for 14 days, then plans range from $12 – $50/month.

Alternatives: Shoeboxed or Quickbooks 



This is likely one of the best apps out there for listing and sale information.  This app includes current listings, sold listings (with the sale price), school zones, property history and much more.  Whether you like it or not, our job as a real estate professional is not to be a gatekeeper of real estate data.  Consumers can access this information easily.  We are in a much better position if we use the best technologoy available to stay informed and prove our value by the service and skill we offer to the real estate process.

Cost: free

Alternatives: Realtor.ca or Zolo

 Canadian Mortgage App 

This powerful app gives you many helpful resources to share with your clients such as a purchase calculator, stress test calculator, land transfer tax calculator, mortgage rates and much more.  Upgrade to the pro account to brand your very own app to send to clients and increase your referrals.

Cost: free or $9.99/month for the upgraded version (ability to customize the app)

Alternatives: Ready Set Home by CMHC but definitely not as robust as Canadian Mortgage App



Real estate agents always need to know where they are going and finding the most efficient way to do so is critical.  Waze is a community-based navigation app that incorporates real-time feedback from users regarding accidents, closures, speed traps etc. to make the app more accurate.

Cost: free however, you can advertise on the platform – a good opportunity to brand yourself in the area you serve.

Alternatives: Google Maps


 Open Home Pro 

Designed to eliminate our reliance on chicken scratch, this electronic sign-in sheet ensures you capture the correct contact information for potential home buyers at your open houses.  It also allows you to send personalized emails to potential leads and manage those leads within the app.

Cost: free for their basic plan or $20/month (billed annually) for their more custom plan with the ability to send branded emails, etc.

Alternatives: old school pen and paper or make your own electronic sign-in sheet with Excel


Green P Parking App

Real estate agents parking downtown a lot will appreciate this app.  Instead of fumbling for change or your credit card in front of your clients, simply use this app to pay for parking.  Real estate showing going longer than expected?  No problem!  Simply add more time direct from the app instead of taking the walk of shame back to your car to pay for more time.

Cost: free

Alternatives: pay using change or a credit card


Scanner Pro

Having the ability to scan documents on the go is really handy.  Scanner Pro is a well-liked app amongst the real estate profession as it is reliable, easy to use and high quality.  Android users will have to consider other options like the alternative listed below as this app is unfortunately, only available for iPhone users.

Cost: $5.49

Alternatives: Tiny Scanner



There are so many to-dos, follow ups, checklists that we are responsible for in this business.  Keeping track of it all can be difficult and time consuming.  Trello is a great option for real estate professionals as it tracks all of your to-dos in one spot.  It also allows you to bring on team members (like an assistant) so that you can get to work without overlapping tasks.

Cost: basic plan (which is pretty robust) is free.  There are a couple of paid options if you’re looking for more customization and support.

Alternatives: Excel/Google Sheets, Click Up or Asana



With all of the passwords you need to remember as a real estate professional, it’s important to ensure you have a quick and easy way to access this information.  1Password also stores information into categories such as credit cards, bank accounts, passports, etc.

Cost: $3.75 for a basic plan with the option to upgrade further to a family, team or business plan

Alternatives: LastPass is another favourite amongst real estate professionals




Ok, ok.  Probably not the most exciting app but MyRECO is really useful if you are showing condo properties a lot.  Many condo buildings require proof of your RECO ID so instead of fumbling around trying to find a paper copy of your ID, you might as well have it handy on your phone.

Cost: free

Alternatives: go old school and carry your RECO registration around with you.



Real estate professionals use Canva for everything from social media posts to direct mail templates.  This site offers so much customization, the ability to choose brand colours and fonts and many options for free stock images.  Your marketing materials will look much more professional with their stylish templates.

Cost: free for their basic account, $12.99 for their pro account and $40 for larger businesses/teams

Alternatives: Jigglar is a great real estate alternative for marketing templates



This app does a few things but what we like most is the visual voicemail feature.  When you are in a meeting, your voicemail messages can be automatically converted to a text message or email so you can still check your messages without calling in to your voicemail.  This app also stops robocalls from calling – a great way to avoid unwanted interruptions!

Cost: free for basic plan, $5.99/month (billed annually) for their upgraded plan plus more options for businesses

Alternatives: haven’t found any!


This app is great for group conversations with multiple clients (i.e. a couple purchasing a home together).  Everyone can be on the same page at the same time without any SMS fees.  We love this app when we are out of town as it only requires your phone’s internet connection to work.  You can easily share messages, videos and photos on this app and we also love how video and voice calls are free!

Cost: free

Alternatives: Facebook Messenger or Instagram chat (if your clients are using these platforms consistently)

Comment below with the apps that are most useful to you!  We hope to create another list in the future!

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