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Real Estate After COVID

Posted on January 26th, 2021

It’s about time we had some guests back on the podcast – and boy did we get a couple of great ones!

Our friends Sandra Kirkland and James Milonas (better known as ‘James In The City’) joined us this week to talk about what is going on in real estate in this unique environment.

What has changed and what is the same as it ever was? Everything from market trends to realtor behaviour, to marketing ideas in a post-COVID world – we unpacked it all (spoiler alert, not everyone is on the same page…and that’s a good thing).

Follow our guests, because they’re awesome:

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@sandrakirklandofficial  and @thejamesinthecity

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@sandrakirklandofficial and @jamesinthecity

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Level Up Your Summer Break (Podcast)

Posted on June 20th, 2020

So March Break ended yesterday, and Summer Break begins today…whether you’ve got kids or not, you are three months deep into trying to manufacture a new routine and sanity for yourself and your business.

We banked on a few weeks, got a few months, and now we’ve got a couple more. How are we going to navigate more time with all the kids at home and the world only half open for business? Let’s talk about it, it’s time to level up the summer!

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COVID -19 Coping With Kids (Podcast)

Posted on April 11th, 2020

It has been a month, and many parents are starting to reach a breaking point with their kids. Perhaps some reached that point a while ago.

Katie and Daniel talk about how they have been spending their ‘home time’ with their four kids, and discuss some of the ways they have used this crisis to actually bring some benefit. They discuss their routine, their communication strategies, and how to actually get some alone time when self-isolation actually starts to feel crowded.

If you’re trying to see some of the ways to make the best of a tough situation, have a listen (you’ve got the time)

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COVID-19 Government Benefits Explained (Podcast)

Posted on April 5th, 2020

The Federal Government in Canada has unveiled many new programs and announcements related to the impact of the Covid-19 on individuals and businesses.

In this live podcast recording, Daniel and Katie talk about the specifics of each program and answer questions to shed light on what we know so far.

This episode explains:

  • The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • Wage Subsidy Program for businesses
  • Canada Child Benefit
  • New tax filing and payment deadlines (HST and Income Tax)
  • Canada Emergency Business Account

More information is being released every day, but this is an up to the minute breakdown of all the programs and how they affect you (as at March 31, 2020).

Here is a useful infographic to break down the benefits available to Realtors as well:

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Staying Productive Through Challenging Times (Podcast)

Posted on March 20th, 2020

Even in a state of emergency, you can still be productive.

At a minimum, you need to stay calm, have a plan, and prepare to be smart about the time you have.

Katie and Daniel are working and recording this episode from home through the COVID-19 crisis. Listen to hear valuable advice about how to stay positive and productive through this (and any) challenging time.

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