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Valerie Moreton

Real Estate Agent

As a person who has built her life around helping those in need, Valerie has decided to broaden her skills and seek new ways to be of more assistance to people within her community who find themselves at a crossroad and requiring support.

Valerie enjoys a challenge and being able to prove her worth to people through hard work and determination. Real Estate was first suggested to Valerie through friends and those close to her, as they saw how it would be such a great fit for her personality, resilience, and fascination for a good challenge. Through research and conversations with other professionals, she came to agree. Valerie enjoys staying busy, constantly learning at every opportunity, and most importantly helping people.

Buying or selling a house can be one of the most stressful processes and biggest purchases in someone’s life. Valerie wants to be that person to provide the support, trust, and respect to alleviate the stress for you during this process.

She is here to help you transition into the next step of your life while alleviating your stress and providing the necessary support and knowledge throughout this process, and beyond. By building trust and respect with buyers and sellers, her clients are confident knowing she is the best choice that produces the best results.

Every No, Gets Her Closer To A Yes!

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