Why Sell With Us? All Inclusive isn’t just for tropical resorts anymore

We know there are a ton of real estate brokerages out there – that’s why we are happy you found us.
We aren’t like them.

We Give You Choice

We don’t limit our clients to the traditional method of selling, we provide options, including our exclusive real estate auction platform.

We Include Everything

We provide the expected features (think professional photography, targeted marketing), and we add the unexpected (custom signage, hotel stay for you during the showings*) so that you can rest easy.

We Are Accountable

Bells and whistles aside, we know what is most important to our clients – selling at the right price, to the right buyer, in the right timeframe. That’s our job.

Premium Marketing

Extensive Advertising Package

We market each home uniquely and aggressively, we sell your property, not our company.  READ MORE

Custom Oversized Signage

Our best in class signs are the largest allowable size, and they are specifically and individually designed for each property - every time.  READ MORE

Exclusive Extras

Cutting Edge Auction Platform

By developing the first of its kind online real estate auction platform, our sellers have the choice to sell like never before in Ontario. Click here to learn more about this innovative new approach to selling real estate.

All Inclusive Service

Whether it's your home inspection, the photos, or your stay in a hotel while we show your home – we cover it all**.

*Hotel stay offered in lieu of additional staging, one week stay at partner properties subject to availability.
**All Inclusive package includes all major expenditures of the listing process, however will not cover items that are not typically in the purview of a Realtor (insurance, moving costs, repairs…etc). Speak to an On The Block representative for more details.