About Us We're not just a catchy name

-  Our Mission  -

To put the power back in the hands of buyers and sellers – where it should be.

-  Who We Are  -

On The Block Realty was created by experienced Realtors who saw opportunity for greater innovation in Canadian real estate. A major focus was to take the 'silent' out of the bidding process that has been widely popular in competitive real estate transactions. To facilitate that, we’ve partnered with On The Block Auctions, Inc. and their proprietary online real estate auction platform. Too many people have been frustrated and turned off by the limited information in the process, so together we are changing that.

Although rather new to Canada, the auction option has enjoyed consistent growing success in major markets like Australia and Great Britain. On The Block Auctions provides a secure bidding platform, allowing prospective home buyers the ability to purchase their dream home without guessing at what price to pay. In addition, sellers can be sure that they are maximizing the sale price of their home by giving all buyers an equal chance to offer their top price.

We are committed to addressing several key concerns that have been plaguing the industry. Our primary goal is to provide greater choice for consumers and greater transparency – of process, of information and of costs.

Our Leadership

Katie Steinfeld

President & Broker of Record

Primary ObjectiveTo evolve and improve the real estate industry

Favourite NeighbourhoodsBloor West Village, Davisville and Leslieville

Katie is a seasoned real estate broker who knows what’s needed to make the real estate industry better.  She created this brokerage alongside her partner to do just that.  She believes the industry needs to step up to better serve and protect the most important individuals in the process – home sellers and buyers.  Her business and marketing background allow her to create unique strategies to assist her clients with their real estate goals.

Daniel Steinfeld

Chief Executive Officer, Sales Representative

Primary Objective To bring new approaches and innovation to real estate in Canada

Favourite NeighbourhoodsHigh Park, Anywhere with a good patio

Daniel uses his executive background to develop new strategies and processes for On The Block. He is a chartered accountant, a licensed Realtor, and he’s got a Grey Cup ring (he was just the finance guy).
Daniel helped start this company to challenge the accepted norms of the real estate industry and provide the public with some real choice when buying or selling a home.