Why Buy With Us? We make it easy, whether you're our client or not

While the search for a new home has been (and can be) an exciting and fun process, recently, searching for a new home has for many people become an exercise in endurance.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

We Listen

We make sure we understand your objectives (even as they change), and we optimize the properties you see to meet those expectations.

We've Been There

We have seen it all, whether it is a fixer-upper, a hot popular property, a new development, or an estate sale, we know the right questions to ask and the best approach to take.

We Get It Done

We take our jobs very seriously, and we have a proven track record of success helping buyers find their next home.

It isn’t all about using On The Block as your buying representative. In fact, our most attractive feature to buyers is the selling platform we use for our auction listings. Our auction sales make the buying process as clear and open as it has ever been.
Consider the benefits to buyers at On The Block Auctions.

Transparent Process

You ALWAYS know what price to pay

Imagine knowing what price you needed to offer to purchase your dream home. We've made that a reality.  READ MORE

Understand your costs

When we auction properties, we want to make sure that all bidders are operating on an even playing field.  READ MORE

More Control

You own the process

Your opportunity to buy a home shouldn’t be in someone else’s hands.  READ MORE

You can bid from anywhere

Living outside the city? Vacationing when the auction is closing? Relax, you still won’t miss out.

On The Block Auctions don’t require you to be sitting at the property, or in a real estate office. Bid online from anywhere, with any device.

Easily request appointments to see any property you'd like

Our simple appointment request form means the moment you see a property of interest, you can send us the time at which you’d like to see it, and hear back right away!

Innovative Technology

Cutting Edge Auction Platform

By developing the first of its kind online real estate auction platform, we have given buyers the opportunity to buy real estate like never before.  READ MORE

Automatic Bidding

We don’t just take the guesswork out of the bidding process, we also take the risk of overpaying away. You can set your maximum price at any point in the auction process, and our platform will automatically keep you bidding ahead of other bidders until your maximum is reached.

E-Signature Capability

Once a deal is done, the paperwork can be executed from wherever you are thanks to our integrated e-signature capabilities. As long as you can access your email, you can sign all the documentation instantly.

Questions?  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!